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What you need to know about VoIP in your business

What you need to know about VoIP in your business

The chances are that you are using a VoIP service every day without even knowing it. And…it’s most likely you have absolutely no idea what it is either!

Think about it. How many of you are using Whatsapp to call your friends? Or Facebook, Google or Skype? And what about those calls you receive that come from an 087 number? Or those “Unknown” calls? All these calls are actually VoIP calls!

So, exactly what is VoIP and how does it really work?

Standing for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it is the underlying technology service which enables the transit of an audio stream (converted into a digital stream) between end user handsets or devices, over the Internet. In other words, VoIP is the standard feature in most communication based apps that allows you to hear and speak over the Internet, for example on WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype etc.

Historically VoIP services were only viable for businesses that wanted to reduce telecommunications expenses because access to the Internet and reliable bandwidth was expensive.

Today, smart devices and business networks leverage fast, reliable and affordable Internet access either via LTE, Fibre or other services, making VoIP accessible and usable for all of us.

So why use VoIP?

The main reason for using VoIP is that by using the service/software you will be able to save yourself (and your company) a lot of money, as the amount of data needed to place or receive a call is minimal. And as it will be included within your normal monthly fee to your ISP/Mobile provider you will hardly notice the cost.

How does it work?

The user initiating the call requires a stable Internet connection and reliable bandwidth as well as the VoIP Service provided by a Service Provider, typically their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The user who initiates the call normally incurs the cost of the call, whilst the user receiving the call typically incurs no cost.

What you need to know about VoIP in your business
This can, of course, be expanded upon in more detail, as with every technology solution there are variations to the norm that may or may not incur additional costs but similarly include additional features and functions.

The Least Cost Routing (finding the cheapest way to make a call) of calls still remains a financial incentive in South Africa and as such means that VoIP services are still very relevant both to individuals as well as businesses.

To make it work you should consult with the experts, whether an individual or a business, the ability to communicate is critical and therefore all services and solutions must be reliable and functional.

For individuals, there are a number of simple solutions available that can be used in conjunction with or in replacement of your mobile or fixed line operator services.

For Business, there is an entire industry built on these service offerings.

INTRAWIT provides solutions and services to both individual and business users, we are experts in designing and providing simple solutions that work and that can be depended on.

Let us help you succeed online.

INTRAWIT offers VoIP solutions through our Fibre to Home and Fibre to the Business products.

Our VoIP solutions are scoped by Solutions Architects, to ensure you have the correct configuration, hardware and connectivity you need to enjoy uninterrupted, crystal clear, calling.

So if you are looking for a VoIP solution, or would like more information please contact us on 087 943 8853 or info@intrawit.co.za.

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