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What is domain propagation?

What is domain propagation?

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Domain propagation is the process of registering your domain on all root DNS servers worldwide.

ISPs acquire records from the root servers, ISPs to other ISPs and so on until you see the changes reflect on your computer with your internet service provider. Some service providers update their records more often than others and receive changes faster. As a result of this, often you will not be able to get to your website by it’s’ domain name but a friend can. Simply wait out until the changes propagate to your ISP. In the meantime we provide you an IP and temporary address in your welcome email which allow you to start working on your site immediately!

If you can’t wait and want try a refresh of your own PC’s DNS Cache, do the following :

In Windows XP, click Start, the run and type cmd. Enter and you’ll see a small DOS window. Here you can type the following : ipconfig / flushdns

In Vista or Windows 7, click on the Start button, and then type cmd. You will then have to right click on the cmd.exe icon and select the “Run as Administrator” option. Choose allow and then type the following in the DOS window : ipconfig / flushdns

This might speed up the process on your PC. The rest is up to your ISP!

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