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Accused Of Spamming?

Intrawit takes spam offences very seriously and reserves the right to suspend or terminate, without warning, any account that violates our Acceptable Use policy and the policies regarding spam.

Should you choose to email from Intrawit’s hosting servers, especially if you use mailing lists, it is imperative that you read, understand and adhere to Intrawit’s Email / Bulkmail policy  on spam abuse.

Should one of our clients be accused of spamming, Intrawit will initiate an investigation (within 24 – 48 hours).

During the investigation Intrawit may restrict the client’s access in order to prevent further possible unauthorized activity.

If the client is found in violation of our Acceptable Use policy, Intrawit is in its full rights to suspend or terminate the client’s account.

Email Account Comprised?

Mailboxes (email accounts) password are encrypted on our servers. However, unauthorised people or applications can still take control of your email account by means of spyware/malware or simply guessing a weak password.

If, for example, your password has been set to an easily guessable password like “info123” or “domain123”, this is very easy for a spammer to guess and the chances are good that your mailbox will be compromised at some point.

If you are responding to an email from our Abuse team, the following action is required of you:

  • If we have informed you that we have changed all your passwords, you need to login to your control panel and change your password to a stronger password that meets our password complexity requirements which are :
    • minimum 6 characters
    • at least one lower case character
    • at least one uppercase character
    • does not contain your email address account name
  • Once the password is changed you simply need to enter the new password into your email program such as Outlook or your Blackberry
  • If we have asked you to change all your passwords, this can be done in Konsole H Control Panel. You will need to inform us once this is done before you will be able to send mail again
  • It is always necessary for you to run security software such as anti-virus and anti-spyware/antimalware. You should run a full scan of your PC before changing your password(s).
  • Microsoft has a free safety scanner available to help scan and secure your PC
  • www.Malwarebytes.org has a free malware scanner available as well.

Please be sure to only use strong passwords on all accounts at all times.

The repercussions of compromised sites are severe:

  • Blacklisting of servers results in mail delivery failures for all domains hosted on the server.
  • Damage to the reputation of all parties involved.
  • Financial implications including de-listing fees, disrupting business continuity.

It is for these reasons that Intrawit takes email abuse and general abuse extremely seriously and reserves the right to suspend or terminate, without warning, any service in violation of our abuse policy, whether the abuse was intentional or not.


SORBS / SPAMHAUS will immediately blacklist an IP address that has been found to be used for spam purposes. Should this happen, Intrawit will receive a spam complaint from SORBS/SPAMHAUS.

Blacklisting an IP of one of our servers has a serious impact on Intrawit’s reputation within the Internet industry.

Should we receive more than one complaint from SORBS/SPAMHAUS, your account could be be terminated immediately.

Best practices regarding Spam?

In order to prevent being labeled a spammer, you need to ensure that your intended recipients have given their consent to receiving an email via some affirmative means, such as a double opt-in procedure, written consent, etc.

It is also important that you have procedures in place that would allow the recipient to easily revoke their consent i.e. an “unsubscribe” or “remove” link in the mail.

Best Practices to conduct a legitimate mailing list includes:

  • Make use of a double opt-in procedure. Not only must the user take action to add himself to a list, but they will receive a confirmation email of their subscription. They must reply to the email to be added to the list. This is done to ensure that the customer did not subscribe by mistake or somebody else did not subscribe him to receive your regular email. If you are looking for email marketing solutions that provide this, then please take a look at our website https://www.vox.co.za/
  • A “remove” or “unsubscribe” link (an opt-out procedure) must be provided to make it easier for the recipient to revoke consent or to terminate their subscription. Mailings must stop promptly once a subscription is terminated.
  • Mailing list administrators must take adequate steps to ensure that their lists are not used for abusive purposes.
  • Avoid using multiple font sizes and different colours as these promote mail being flagged as spam.
  • Blank spaces increase your spam percentage allocated by most scoring systems.



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